Friday, November 7, 2014

Non Denim Fall Pants

      I love my denim! Bootcut, skinny, distressed, cropped, mini bootcut, boyfriend, straight.... you get my drift. Denim is easy on so many levels! However, denim can also become boring. You can feel like you are in a wardrobe rut. So what is one to do without sacrificing the comfort and ease of your denim? Diversify your pant collection this fall!

    I look for variety when I audit a client's closet. When it comes to pants, here are my picks for this fall. Culottes, plaid pants, cords, and camo.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Capsule Collection: The Jumpsuit

 A must have for this season's summer capsule is the playful, sleek, figure flattering jumpsuit.

 The Jumpsuit in my opinion is a fantastic alternative to maxi dresses. It's refreshing to see someone wearing a jumpsuit in a sea of maxis.

 I was talking to a friend that had asked about what to wear for her hourglass figure that is current. She works hard at the gym and would love to show off her tiny little waist but she's not crazy about her bum or her arms. We talked a little about peplums and flowy wide leg pants-which are a style staple this summer- and parted ways. Later that evening, while shopping online for a client, it dawned on me how flattering and current a jumpsuit would be for an hourglass figure. Actually, on all figures depending on the style of the jumpsuit. (even for mamas to be!)

Before we proceed, don't fret! Maxis are a style staple this summer. Consider the jumpsuit it's sleeker and sexier sister.


  • Unlike a maxi dress, jumpsuits automatically flatter your waistline
  • They elongate your frame so you appear taller
  • They come in so many styles: casual, dressy, wide leg, skinny, long sleeve, sleeveless, even formal.
  • peeing would be a bitch in a jumpsuit so watch your liquid intake
  • don't get it the same day you want to wear it, you will most likely have to get it hemmed
Style Tip:
  • Go from day to night by adding a fancy clutch and stilettos. Watch out date night!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Apps and Sites: Currently Stalking

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure which blog, brand, newsletter you should follow? Because the hundreds of catchy headers delivered to your inbox can take you days to sort out, leaving you more confused than ever. 

I have found a couple of pretty useful sites and apps that you might like!


What if someone took all customer reviews for products and condensed it to create top 10 lists through an algorithm? That is what the folks at Rank&Style do!  Out looking for the best black eye pencil? Problem Solved! Looking for a steal versus a splurge? Problem Solved! I love how they cut to the chase and even have links to purchase what you see on their top 10 lists. 

So you like Pinterest for it's blogger outfits but not thrilled about clicking and re-clicking, then reading and clicking again so you can finally get to the shopping page for the product you want? Enter Keep, I personally use the app all the time to seek out gift and home decor products. It's a great shopping app that is simple.
 Under the product shot there are 3 buttons you can click: "keep", "like", or "buy"(this button takes you directly to the site where you can purchase).


This is an oldie but a goody for me for when I just want to scroll through outfits visually for inspiration without reading their entire blog post. I don't mean for you to follow every supermodel and celebrity out there, I would suggest following users(bloggers,friends,brands,boutiques) that post their personal styles on the app. When you are done stalking them, unfollow them. No friend request on publicly shared accounts or email subscription needed #hashtagsrock

This is where bloggers from all over the world post their outfits. If you like the look, you can shop the look as well. The looks can be a bit trendy at times appealing mainly to the twenty to early thirty crowd. If you want some street style inspiration, this is the app to check out.


Snapguide: Website and App
This is the place to be for quick tips on cooking, tips, dyi, etc… Easy to use and view.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Conquering Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are chaotic at our home. Who am I kidding, all mornings are chaotic. Dragging the kids out of bed, dragging myself out of bed…there is often crying, shouting, and pouting involved. Needless to say that leaving rushing out of the house looking decent can be quite a challenge. Trying to elevate your "mom" outfit is daunting when all you want to do is drop the kids off in your jammies.

My 2 picks for looking like you actually had some time in the morning? Go for a brighter shade of lipstick or gloss(one shade brighter than your normal color) and add a scarf to your outfit. The scarf will add depth to your outfit.

Style Staples for the Monday Rush

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great minds think alike?

It's funny, but not that funny when you go wine tasting  get together with your girlfriends on a warm & sunny afternoon to find out:

1) They are all wearing maxis
2) They all have paired it with a denim jacket-Thank.You. Pinterest!

I was almost guilty of it too but decided it wasn't going to be a practical outfit for me. So I went with something else.

Although a denim jacket + maxi go great together-I am sure you all have this combo pinned on your boards, this duo has now become the go to outfit for everyone that decides to wear a maxi.

Here are some other options to consider pairing your maxis with:
Cardigan or Sweater: Long or short, layering a sweater with your maxi will give it a casual cool look.
Leather Jacket: Pairing your maxi with a leather jacket is a great option for a day to night outfit or if you want to add some edge.
Denim Vest: The alternative to the denim jacket. 
Blazer: Wear a blazer with the sleeves scrunched up.
Bomber: This spring/summer's trend jacket comes in a variety of styles.

maxi pairings

maxi pairings by stylelittle featuring a camouflage jacket

Tired of wearing a maxi for a girls day out? Here are my picks for your spring/summer wardrobe that are just as comfortable and fashionable:

summer/spring must haves

summer/spring must haves by stylelittle featuring vegan purses

What are some of your spring/summer wardrobe must haves this season? 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Must Have: The New Flats

When it comes to shoes, do you have conflicted feeling about flats?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014's radiant orchid

Not very many people have this lovely hue (that screams spring!) in their wardrobe or part of their home decor.

Nevertheless, this is a great color on many skin tones and can be bold when paired with the right outfit!

 When wearing this year's color, consider pairing it with navy versus black. This will instantly upgrade the chicness of your outfit. If you are going for a fun and brighter look, pair it with yellow! Pairing radiant orchid with other shades of purple or pink will make the monochromatic outfit look fashion forward. My favorite pairing…adding a splash of animal print!

2014's radiant orchid

outfit ideas with radiant orchid