Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spring Fashion: Derby Style in Napa Valley

Latest Collaboration 
Clothing: NVUS in Napa
Photos/Video: Sakhon Nhek Photography!
Location: Black Stallion Winery
Hair: Kelly Pagendarm
Makeup: By Me:


Monday, July 18, 2016

Tips When Shopping Online

Holy Sales Batman!! My inbox has been taken over by emails luring me to shop. So much good stuff. So little time.

Before I round up my favorite items under $100, here are some quick tips to remember that will help you on time and money.

  • Curate: Remember to shop with the mindset that you are curating your wardrobe. Don't purchase all the clothing from one site. Diversify. Even for the sake of free shipping! 
  • Ask yourself if you will wear this piece three or more times. If you can't style it three ways, then it's not a good deal. 
  • Online cash back sites: I suggest using Ebates or Upromise (Upromise cash back goes to your child's 529 account #winwin) These sites cost nothing and is so easy to sign up with. 
  • Always filter. The whole point of shopping a sale is for the deals rights? So filter lowest to highest price or percentage off.
  • It's hard to stay on top off coupons and deals but site like Honey helps automatically input deals at checkout. Easy peasy.
  • Buy now wear later: If you see a basic (non trendy) coat on sale but it's 100 degrees outside, still snag it! Off season shopping is the best.

Here are some great pieces on sale.