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Feeling overwhelmed and not sure which blog, brand, newsletter you should follow? Because the hundreds of catchy headers delivered to your inbox can take you days to sort out, leaving you more confused than ever. 

I have found a couple of pretty useful sites and apps that you might like!


What if someone took all customer reviews for products and condensed it to create top 10 lists through an algorithm? That is what the folks at Rank&Style do!  Out looking for the best black eye pencil? Problem Solved! Looking for a steal versus a splurge? Problem Solved! I love how they cut to the chase and even have links to purchase what you see on their top 10 lists. 

So you like Pinterest for it's blogger outfits but not thrilled about clicking and re-clicking, then reading and clicking again so you can finally get to the shopping page for the product you want? Enter Keep, I personally use the app all the time to seek out gift and home decor products. It's a great shopping app that is simple.
 Under the product shot there are 3 buttons you can click: "keep", "like", or "buy"(this button takes you directly to the site where you can purchase).


This is an oldie but a goody for me for when I just want to scroll through outfits visually for inspiration without reading their entire blog post. I don't mean for you to follow every supermodel and celebrity out there, I would suggest following users(bloggers,friends,brands,boutiques) that post their personal styles on the app. When you are done stalking them, unfollow them. No friend request on publicly shared accounts or email subscription needed #hashtagsrock

This is where bloggers from all over the world post their outfits. If you like the look, you can shop the look as well. The looks can be a bit trendy at times appealing mainly to the twenty to early thirty crowd. If you want some street style inspiration, this is the app to check out.


Snapguide: Website and App
This is the place to be for quick tips on cooking, tips, dyi, etc… Easy to use and view.

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