Must Have: The New Flats

When it comes to shoes, do you have conflicted feeling about flats?

 You feel like you should wear your stylish heels but it's not practical(you have a 2hour max tolerance in them…sitting position mostly). Then you look at your flats and feel boring in them(yet so comfortable). This goes on every morning in your head when you get dressed. Sure you can jazz up your outfit with some colored flats, leopard print flats, patent flats, metallic flats, etc, etc….you get my drift. So you have flats in an array of colors, patterns, and textures hoping this will make your outfits less boring. Then you see someone wearing a great pair of heels going about her day pain free. (fyi, she is not pain free)  Nevertheless, you admire her with envy while she's happily chasing her kids down the street in her awesome heels.

It's time to stop giving yourself a hard time! Designers heard your morning rumblings and felt your conflictedness.

A must have this season for your wardrobe are these badd a$$ loafers! They give new meaning to the statement shoe. The best part, they aren't heels!



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